What Does it Take to Save Just One Rhino?

With one rhino dying by the hands of poachers every seven hours, there isn’t time to waste, and with everyone’s help, the #JustOneRhino campaign might just make a difference. 2015 is set to be an incredible year for the endangered rhino. The largest blogger-driven fundraiser ever assembled has started making waves in the fight against poaching. Two organizations, Travelers Building […]

Traveling Responsibly? Yes, You Can!

With the summer holidays around the corner in the northern hemisphere, many of us are already dreaming about discovering new places, taste new dishes and enjoy the local culture of our next vacation spot. In the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017, whether your trip takes you to a tropical beach, a bustling city or a tranquil village, […]

Purposeful Packing

Looking for an easy way to give back to the communities you travel to? Pack for a Purpose has you covered. With an extensive database of humanitarian projects and supportive accommodations, Pack for a Purpose makes it is easier than ever for travelers to learn what a community needs, pack those items in with their luggage, and have it delivered […]

Talking Sustainable Tourism with Megan Epler Wood

What is Sustainable Tourism? According to The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), ecotourism is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” This definition became widely used in the 90s as TIES worked to influence travel lodges and tours to adopt sustainable methodologies. Over the last few years however, the definition […]

How to Get the Most from Your Hotel Stay

A hotel room is an important part of your vacation experience. Read this article to find out how to find an affordable place to stay with great accommodations. Check online hotel reviews before making any reservations. This lets you valuable information about the recent experiences have been like. What former guests have to say with regards to a hotel being […]

How to Get the Best Accommodation

There are lots of things you should remember when planning a vacation. You have to choose a destination and figure out how you will get around. You also have to consider where you are on vacation. The following paragraphs have ideas and information that can help. Check online hotel reviews before making any reservations. These sites will allow you to […]

Anti-Poaching Security to Save Our Rhinos

Anti-Poaching Security to Save Our Rhinos

According to statistics posted on savetherhino.org, the number of rhinos poached in 2017 reached 1 028 across South Africa. That is approximately three rhinos every day! If this continues it won’t be long before South Africa has no rhinos left, and eventually they will become completely extinct. Rhino Poaching If you are a logical person you may be asking yourself “but […]

Let’s Talk About Water Bottles

You don’t want to leave a trail of plastic water bottles behind you when you travel. But how do you avoid using plastic water bottles in countries where the tap water is questionable? Christine Mackay, one of the founders of Crooked Trails and the Travelers Against Plastic (TAP) campaign was able to take a few minutes to share her traveling […]

6 Ways To Save Money When Traveling In Uganda

6 Ways To Save Money When Traveling In Uganda

6 ways to save money while traveling in Uganda: Nearly everyone desires to travel, but what hinders many from achieving their dreams is “Money.” You need money to travel to your dream destination because it is what helps you finance all the activities, accommodation, book the vehicle or other means to get to your destination, etc. When you talk about […]