The Canary Islands – A Destination For Travelers in Search of Volcanic Landscapes

The Canary Islands – A Destination For Travelers in Search of Volcanic Landscapes

The Canary Islands are, without a doubt, a privileged natural harbour. One of the most important sites in this treasured environment is the Nublo Rural Park, which houses the Integral Inagua Reserve and the Nublo Roque Natural Monument. This location represents the second most important volcanic landscape in the world after Iceland.

So with all these features, Tejeda, the town that hosts this stunning natural landscape, has become a popular destination for nature lovers who want to spend a few days off, specifically the Fonda de la Tea Rural Hotel, a part of Responsible Hoteles. We contacted the hotel’s director Serafina Suarez to provide us with some details about this unique property and its commitment to responsible tourism.

  • One of the indisputable elements of this property is the natural setting where it is located. What other attractions can be found in the Hotel Rural Fonda de la Tea?

It is a combination of factors that make our hotel a charming place. We start with a house from the late nineteenth century. The rehabilitation of the area provides the elements that give the structure its own identity – a combination between traditional Canarian  architecture and an impeccably tasteful interior design. Proof of this is seen in the typical Canarian patio that retains the flavour of yesteryear, with water and shade during times of rest or siesta.

  • Nublo Rural Park is the natural setting of this hotel. What are some of its main features?

Tejeda has the largest drainage basin in the Canaries. These vertiginous ravines, which emerge from the Roque Roque Bentayga Nublo, have drawn the attention of scholars, artists and tourists. I refer back to Miguel de Unamuno, who spotted the Tejeda Basin in 1911, saying it seems like a “whole petrified tempest”. These reflections can be read in his book “The Lands of Portugal and Spain”. All this attention makes this area ideal for trekking. This landscape is the second most important volcanic area in the world behind Iceland, attracting  prestigious state volcanologists as Emilio José Mangas Viñuela and Bervera Herreros. These physicists claim that the trachytic cone of Tejeda levee system is truly unique.

  •  Given the natural area surrounding the hotel, how does the Hotel Rural Fonda de la Tea  contribute to environmental conservation?

Our main work is based on customer awareness of the importance of the environment and respect for it as well. We are always available to provide information on both the environment around us with the development of natural activities. We also have very visible waste separation containers.

Guests at the Hotel Fonda de la Tea are usually very responsible and healthy, arriving with no bad habits, in search of peace and quiet. We also offer information on our natural museums, including the Centre of Medicinal Plants or Bentayga Archaeological Park. In short, the Tejeda mountain area is a spectacular landscape that attracts true lovers of nature – People who are really sensitive to nature.

Centro Plantas Medicinales

  •  What are the natural activities that customers can take part in?

A wide range of possibilities thanks to the environment in which we find ourselves. For those in search of the area’s volcanological features, hiking is the main activity followed closely by trekking. It is also very common to see people riding horses or bikes. The truth is that this environment offers plenty to enjoy, especially sports.

  •  Given the richness of the place, what would you say about the wildlife ?

The fauna is especially based on examples of vultures, kestrels and other various birds. However, the real stars of the local landscape are the sheep and goats that graze in the mountains each morning.

  •  Are there specific dining options in the area?

Yes, and very good ones. Among the most traditional dishes are watercress soup with Tejeda potatoes, fried pork and a variety of cheeses.

Moreover, we are very interested in publicising local products. There are a number of Tejeda almond pastries, as well as wonderful local wines. At breakfast, try some local fruit, depending on the season. We now have great guava, plus a pumpkin tortilla with organic eggs, figs, honey and indigenous cheeses.

If you are considering a few days off, the Nublo Rural Park offers a natural destination with personality, complete with sporting activity options in the middle of world’s second largest volcanic setting. A place to relax and truly enjoy contact with nature.

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