Lessons Learned from Gorilla Tourism

Gorilla Trekking involves walking in the jungle while looking for gorillas in their natural habitat. Uganda hosts both habituated and un-habituated gorilla families however, this article is focusing on habituated gorilla families. Gorillas are wild animals that require serious conservation in order to cater for generations. There are many lessons we learn from gorilla trekking safaris as discussed below:

  • We learn to work together – searching for gorillas in their natural habitat is not a walkover. The exercise involves climbing hills and slopes into valleys and since you move as a group, ensures that you complete the exercise together what is known as teamwork. In case a group member gets exhausted, other trekkers give a helping hand to enable him or her to see gorillas.
  • We learn to observe conservation measures – Gorilla trekking begins with the briefing in which trekkers are cautioned to conserve and preserve nature. Avoid destroying vegetation, keep a distance of 7metres between you and gorillas to prevent the spread of diseases, do not litter in the park among other rules. Such rules and regulations emphasize environmental conservation.
  • We learn to obey authorities – While on gorilla trekking, respect orders of the ranger guide. If the ranger orders you to keep quiet, please do, if they order to maintain a certain distance, please respect.
  • We also learn to protect mountain gorillas and other wildlife– while on the briefing, all trekkers are ordered not to litter in the park, not to feed wild animals among others.
  • We learn to enjoy nature – while in the forest, breath in the fresh air, feel the birds and waterfall sound among others. Look at nature and admire- flowers and other beauty.
  • We learn to mind about our security – if gorillas charge, please leave them, avoid flashing while taking photos, do not stand near gorillas, and always under the forest under the guidance of game rangers.
  • We also learn to be patient – when gorillas come near you, please do not panic to run away but instead kneel down and wait for it to go.
  • Gorilla trekking teaches us to face challenges with courage – the hustle we go through while searching for mountain gorillas is a bit tough so, it’s a lesson for us in real life to always be courageous when facing difficulty.
  • Gorilla trekking also teaches us to form and manage our families just like silverbacks and the dominant female.
  • Adequate preparation involves making advance exercises, preparing gorilla trekking gear, buying your gorilla permits in time, and so on.

In conclusion, there are many lessons we learn from Gorilla trekking however in this article, I have listed a few above.

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