Anti-Poaching Security to Save Our Rhinos

Anti-Poaching Security to Save Our Rhinos

According to statistics posted on, the number of rhinos poached in 2017 reached 1 028 across South Africa. That is approximately three rhinos every day! If this continues it won’t be long before South Africa has no rhinos left, and eventually they will become completely extinct.

Rhino Poaching

If you are a logical person you may be asking yourself “but why?” The short answer is: money. In a nutshell, traditional Chinese medicine has used rhino horn for 2000 years to treat everything from gout to “devil possession”. However, in modern times it is commonly used as an aphrodisiac and is especially popular in Vietnam as a hangover cure, or as a welcomed gift of stature and wealth. The rhino horn is ground into a powder and added to boiling water before being taken by the “patient”.

There is zero evidence to support claims that rhino horn has any medicinal properties whatsoever. Rhino horn is comprised of keratin, the same thing that makes up many animal’s hooves and bird’s beaks.

Because South Africa is home to many of the remaining rhinos it is heavily targeted by poachers as demand for the product places pressure on the market to deliver. All five species of rhinoceros are considered endangered and rapidly approaching extinction due to illegal poaching to serve as a “medicine”, which is ineffective.

Anti-Poaching Companies Dedicated to Saving the Rhino

Security services companies and farm security organisations in South Africa have joined anti-poaching companies to diminish and, hopefully, eradicate rhino poaching completely – before it is too late.  Apache Security Services have dispatched “foot soldiers” and anti-poaching professionals to farms and game lodges to combat the rhino poaching epidemic.

Anti-poaching teams make use of modern and ancient tactics to survey the areas and protect our endangered wildlife. Surveillance is carried out with drones, vehicles, quad bikes, constant radio communication and foot patrols. Anti-poaching companies are dedicated to 24-hour surveillance and protection for animals and people working and living on the lodge properties alike.

To ensure your farm or lodge is safe contact Apache Security Services for comprehensive surveillance, anti-poaching and security services.


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