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International Women’s Day began in 1911, three years after 15,000 women in New York took to the streets and demanded equal wages, shorter working days and the right to vote. Since then, women across the globe have persevered to be seen as equals in the workforce and to be treated with respect in all social, economic, cultural and political aspects of life. There are numerous ways you can be bold for change this year (the IWD website has many actions to chose from here); but before you take off work to join a march or write a petition, start with planning a trip that will change a woman’s life. You can enact real change in real women’s lives when you travel with our partner Visit.Org. has 500 immersive and impactful travel experiences in 63 countries hosted by do-good organizations. Many of these partners are benefiting and empowering women. By taking a tour or going on a Visit.Org trip, you are directly impacting underprivileged women through the organization’s immersive travel experiences. Here are a few examples:

If you enjoy making arts and crafts, the Artisans Angkor in Cambodia is a great place to spend a morning. Learn how to make a colorful scarf on traditional looms, sculpt a piece of wood, make a bracelet, or even a silk painting. The $75 cost for this experience not only supports local artisans, it also funds education and training programs in the community.

This next excursion in Chile has empowerment sown right. The Mapuche Discovery Tour, organized by the Fundación Chol Chol, gives visitors the chance to learn about the Mapuche people of Araucania through making textiles and pottery from sustainable materials. After learning a few new skills, guests are invited to a traditional Ruka hut for an organic family meal. Funds raised from this experience go toward local women’s programs and fair trade production.

Get your weave on in Peru with CTTC and the Peru Art Tour. Experience the Cusco weaving tradition and learn how to weave on a traditional backstrap loom while supporting Andean weavers and fair trade practices. Knit a bag for your cellphone or spare change or braid yourself a stylish honda (a traditional Andean sling made of llama wool). Funds from the tour is invested in educating young weavers in the community and ensuring fair trade practices so that local weavers have a stable source of income.

The opportunities to empower women everywhere can be found in nearly every tour and experience offered by Visit.Org, but travelers can especially help empower vulnerable women in Colombia with the Cundinamarca Community Tour. Organized by the Fundación Soy Social, this two-day tour introduces travelers to the incredible and talented women of Vereda la Merced and Villapinzón. Learn how to weave, milk cows, tend to potatoes in the garden, make cheese, and prepare traditional dishes. (Our mouths are watering over here.) Revenue from this experience is invested in improving productivity and sustainability for rural women and their children in the municipality of Villapinzón through education and financial support.

If these experiences sound like a great way to support amazing women around the world, you’ll love Visit.Org’s many other tours and activities.

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