GSTC’s Sustainable Tourism Conference is Coming Up!

GSTC’s Sustainable Tourism Conference is Coming Up!

“Towards more Sustainable Destinations” – Following the GSTC Criteria, management, marketing and awareness of sustainable destinations will be the key themes at the Global Sustainable Tourism Conference, GSTC2017.

GSTC2017 will include international and domestic tourism stakeholders involved in the development and promotion of sustainable tourism; including public sector, hotels, tour operators, academia, development agencies, NGOs, consultants, and more.

A mixture of plenary sessions and breakouts with international and national experts in sustainable tourism as speakers, panelists and panel moderators.

Topics include:

  • Certifications of sustainability in travel and tourism

  • Marketing sustainable tourism

  • Sustainable visitor management practices

  • Municipalities managing for sustainable tourism

  • Destination management for climate change adaptation

  • Sustainable tourism awareness and education

  • Sustainable hotel management

  • Sustainable food in the tourism industry

  • Ecotourism and community-based tourism

  • Indigenous tourism

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