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Respecting Foreign Laws

Respecting and adhering to local laws, rules and regulations is an essential component of responsible and ethical travel. Always bear in mind the following:

-- Do not work illegally, you can be imprisoned, fined or deported for working without a legal work permit. In extreme cases you may be banned from ever returning to the county again.

- Never overstay your visa. Most countries permit visa extensions with relative ease. Again, without a valid visa you can be imprisoned, fined or deported.

- Always enter countries via recognised border crossing, where your travel documents can undergo the appropriate administration.

- Any hobbies, such as photography, bird watching, train spotting etc. which may be perceived as spying (especially around military sites) should be avoided to prevent misinterpretation.

- As a general rule, heed should be taken around all military sites, where matters of national security are treated very seriously.

Do not undertake any activities which can be misconstrued. A group of British airplane spotters were recently wrongly imprisoned in Greece for spying.

- Never travel with firearms, knives or other forms of weaponry. This is illegal and will be met with the appropriate punishment. Following the events of 9/11 all airlines have became overly attentive to the transportation of all sharp objects, if you intend to fly with any sharp instruments, e.g. nail scissors, knitting needles, shaving razors etc. always stow these objects in your main luggage.

- When driving abroad, ensure that you know the driving laws for the country you are visiting. Many countries, for example, operate on the spot driving fines.

Check that the license you are driving with is valid, you may need to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP)