How You Can Help in Protecting the Mountain Gorillas

Countries where mountain gorillas live i.e Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo can come together in partnership with local people and international conservation organizations to put up strong conservation policies and measures that can help to protect and conserve gorillas. This can help in creating solutions to reduce threats and conserve gorillas through strategies including; Protection of gorilla habitats […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Cartagena, Colombia

Tourism is pouring into Colombia and one particular place is popping up on everyone’s radar: Cartagena. It’s a city where history has an undeniable presence, colorful architecture that’s beyond magical, and an authentic laid back character. Adding to the authenticity is that most locals speak little to no English. A winning combination that earned Cartagena the most visited city in […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Nautilus Hotel in Lanzarote

1. The Personal Touch: The Hotel Nautilus is a customer satisfaction leader in Lanzarote, which is a guarantee of a great vacation before you even leave home.           2. A Commitment To Responsible Tourism: Since making its pledge to sustainability, the hotel has made a clear commitment to accessible tourism that enables their guests, regardless of […]