20 Things to Do in Rwanda

Over half of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population, it’s no surprise that the majority of guests visit Rwanda to track and view our highly endangered cousins. Rwanda is superb for primates in general, including the fun-loving Sykes monkey, the Golden monkey, and the boisterous chimpanzee in the Nyungwe Forest. Rwanda is a landlocked country in East Africa that has […]

How to Plan Your Rwenzori Mountain Hike

How to Plan Your Rwenzori Mountain Hike

Hiking safari in Rwenzori Mountain ranges like it is a case with most leading mountaineering destinations such as Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya etc requires you to be adequately prepared. This is what guarantees you a successful Rwenzori Mountain hike while on Uganda safari. Mount Rwenzori shelters Africa’s third highest peak “Margherita” and sits suitably along the Western border area of […]

Lessons Learned from Gorilla Tourism

Gorilla Trekking involves walking in the jungle while looking for gorillas in their natural habitat. Uganda hosts both habituated and un-habituated gorilla families however, this article is focusing on habituated gorilla families. Gorillas are wild animals that require serious conservation in order to cater for generations. There are many lessons we learn from gorilla trekking safaris as discussed below: We […]

Gorilla Trekking in Africa’s Forested Mountains

Gorilla Trekking in Africa’s Forested Mountains

Gorilla tracking in Africa is carried out in three countries including; Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Viewing the mountain gorillas within the wild is one of the most fascinating wildlife safari encounters on earth. Mountain gorillas are endangered species that make the life experience of viewing these primates in their natural habitats extraordinary and so beautiful. […]

Holidays to Barbados Bring Fun and Adventure

If you’re searching for cheap holidays to Barbados search them online. Travel companies available on the web are supplying huge discount rates on plane tickets, lodging and packages. While selecting cheap Barbados holidays packages you can include couple of best places for example Local Craft this really is best spot to obtain made by hand good for example handicraft products […]

Learn the Art And Adventure Of Climbing in Europe

Europe is becoming probably the most ideal places for holidays. Whenever you think about investing your trip here then you’ve lots of options. You may enjoy the thrilling bull fighting in The country or just lounge and taste the fine wines of France or indulge yourself in probably the most exciting outside pursuits like sky diving, mountain climbing, deep water […]