Responsible travel demands an appreciation of those local communities you visit. The influx of thousands upon thousands of visitors will inevitably upset the natural balance of a community.

Where before few outsiders were ever present in smaller, remoter communities, so the introduction of new international attention from the travelling community can destroy the spirit of a town, village or tribe.

In the worst examples, international corporations and outside influences drain these ‘honey pot’ areas by dominating the local market with tourist shops, bars, restaurants and hotels intent only on short term financial gain.

Many of the Spanish and Greek tourist islands have suffered greatly over the last two decades, as a general lack of consideration for the health of local communities has been overlooked in place of quick financial gain.

The disintegration of local communities extends way beyond the traditional tourist trail, and is prone to effecting the remotest tribes and villages. As a responsible traveller, it is paramount that you do not play a part in the collapse of communities.