We travel to see and experience new cultures, yet the majority of travelers show an abject ignorance of anything other than a westernized world view.

Please do not insult or ignore the rites of others, show some respect and appreciate that if you want the cultures of those countries you visit to continue to flourish, then you need to be more than just a tourist to foreign ways of living.

Try and acquaint yourself with local customs, be sensitive that many aspects of your way of living which you take for granted may be insulting to others.

This is predominantly the case, with western sexual attitudes and dress. Other cultures, especially Muslim areas will be offended by naked flesh in public and overt signs of sexual appreciation, i.e. kissing in public.

Read up and research the area you intend to visit in advance, but don’t just rely on guide books.

Talk to locals and observe their way of life to get a better understanding of the culture you are surrounded by.

In Thailand, for example, pointing is considered rude as is showing the soles of your feet, in China spitting is commonplace, however in the UK is considered rude and uncouth.

Different religions and cultures import different meanings to a wealth of activities. It would be futile to try and cover the ‘do’s and don’t’s’ of social etiquette from around the world, instead do some research.