Ethical Holidays

Ethical holidays are especially arranged travel tours that benefit the hosts and their environments. They provide an excellent opportunity to directly experience new cultures, learn new skills, whilst providing support to the local economy or environment.

In brief, their aim is to be sensitive to the local community/environment, offering a low impact means to enjoy foreign cultures.

Eco-tourism has became a boom trade of late, with an abundance of opportunities for the more ethically minded travellers.

Building wells in Africa, teaching English in Romania or breeding huskies in Denmark. Whatever you want, there is an eco-holiday waiting for you.

If you are interested in investing some of your vacation time to help abroad, then we recommend you start by browsing the internet.

As a general point always question where your money will be going, sometimes only small proportions of your fee goes towards those you are trying to help. is not affiliated with any charities or commercial organizations. To remain entirely independent we have abstained from recommending any ethical holiday companies.

Though by visiting Google and searching for ethical, volunteer or eco-tourism, we are sure you will find the responsible form of tourism you are looking for.