Clean the World

The Responsible Travel Guide has worked with the Clean the World organization in the past (in fact, we have even volunteered there by shaving down used soap) and we look forward to working them again in the future.  For those who are not familiar, Clean the World organizes, promotes and produces the collection of used soaps, shampoos and other toiletries from the hospitality industry and then utilizes a process to prepare these items for re-use.  Then, Clean the World distributes these items to third world countries to help protect against the various diseases and ailments associated with lack of cleaning agents.  Read more here at their website.

Clean the World continues to add to its partner hotel list and the Responsible Travel Guide will work to provide a bookable index of hotels that participate.  Therefore, the next time you are looking for an environmentally friendly hotel, our list of accommodation can provide another layer of information for which to based your decision.

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