The Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards: It’s Time to Shine.

The Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards: It’s Time to Shine.

If you are a responsible and sustainable tourism company in Asia, then it’s time for you to be recognized. For the ninth consecutive year, Wild Asia is looking to award travel businesses in Asia that are dedicated to community development, cultural preservation, wildlife conservation, efficient resource use, and inspiring others to go above and beyond.

Winners will celebrate in September at the PATA Travel Mart in Bangalore, India and will have the opportunity to network with other businesses, attend buyers meetings and speak about responsible tourism at PATA Talks. Additionally, winners will be invited to ITB Asia travel show to facilitate responsible tourism clinics and inspire others to follow their dreams.

Previous winners have made enormous differences in their communities in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and the Maldives. Tour companies like Borneo Eco Tours have impacted the lives of travelers and locals by developing community engagement programs and conservation projects. Eco lodges across Asia like Lisu Lodge in northern Thailand and Heritance Kandalama in Sri Lanka have proven that it is possible to provide luxury experiences for visitors while preserving local cultures and supporting community development. These are the places that are steadily changing the world and the Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards prove every year that more businesses are joining the cause.

The Lisu Lodge
The Lisu Lodge in northern Chiang Mai, nestled among the hill tribes. Credit: Clare Hancock

If responsible tourism and sustainability make up the building blocks of your business, then the world should know. Submit a free application before May 15th.
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A hill tribe shaman and community elder in northern Thailand who was kind enough to open her home to visitors. Credit: Clare Hancock 2009.

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