6 Ways To Save Money When Traveling In Uganda

6 Ways To Save Money When Traveling In Uganda

6 ways to save money while traveling in Uganda: Nearly everyone desires to travel, but what hinders many from achieving their dreams is “Money.” You need money to travel to your dream destination because it is what helps you finance all the activities, accommodation, book the vehicle or other means to get to your destination, etc.

When you talk about traveling, may get scared and often consider it as something expensive. Yes, it involves money for you to travel but do you know that you can go on a budget tour in Uganda?

Here are some of the important tips to help you save money while traveling in Uganda in 2022/2023.

  1. Travel as a group/friends
    The beauty about group travel is that the more people, the smaller the cost. You share the costs unlike when you travel alone hence allowing you to save on your Uganda safari holiday. Also, some accommodation facilities provide bigger rooms suitable for large group travelers on safaris in Uganda or you can enjoy discount offers on transport- when hiring a vehicle for your road trips. If you have friends or family members also interested in visiting Uganda, then it is better to organize a group tour with a reliable tour operator or ask the tour operator to include you in a group.
  2. Go camping/find budget-friendly lodges
    While on Uganda safaris, where you will stay matters a lot, and destinations have different accommodation with 3 categories- budget, mid-range, and luxury. You can cut down on the cost of accommodation by opting for budget lodges, hotels, guesthouses, or simply go camping. Different destinations in Uganda allow camping in the designated campgrounds.
  3. Visit Uganda during low/off-season
    Visiting Uganda during off or low season is more budget-friendly than if you visited during the peak season. The advantage about it is that you can engage in a number of activities at discounted rates or find the best accommodation at a low cost. Prices often drop during the off-season for accommodation and even rental cars in Uganda. The low season in Uganda runs from March to May & October to November- the months characterized by heavy rains.
  4. Deal with a reliable local tour operator on the ground
    There are hundreds of tour companies all over Uganda ready to help you arrange the best and budget-friendly Uganda safari holiday. But, find a trusted, reliable or reputable local tour operator- first, they know which accommodation is budget-friendly to clients and also the kind of vehicle to be used plus even budget destinations.
  5. Pack wisely
    Follow the packing list recommended by your local tour operator. Most often, travelers think packing for a Uganda safari requires them to carry everything in the house. NO, you only need essential items for instance for gorilla trekking- have sturdy walking/hiking boots, a camera without a flashlight, trousers, bottled water, long-sleeved shirts, sweater, rain jacket, gardening gloves, socks, insect repellents, etc.
  6. Go on a self-drive road trip
    Self-drive road trips are becoming the new norm in the country. All you have to do is find a good and reliable car rental Uganda company where you can hire a car to take you around. This will save you money for the drive/guide who has to be paid on a daily basis. You will save that commission that the tour operator would have charged you.Different safaris in Uganda require different car types. Where your journey requires a specific rental car, your local tour operator will let you know or advise you on which car to hire depending on your travel plan. For those who are planning to visit the remote areas of the country search as game parks, a 4-wheel drive(4X4) car is a must-have. The costs for hiring cars in Uganda vary depending on the car type, how long you plan to hire, and other factors.

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